What's The Difference Between Ballpoint Pen And Carbon Pen?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Carbon pen is graphite which is made of graphite. One of the most stable substances is graphite pen. Carbon pen writing can not become confused because of long storage time.

Pen water is itself run by tap water and water soluble toner, so fountain pen is a water-based pen.

The liquid in the pen core of the ballpoint pen is oily. Therefore, the ball point pen is an oil pen.

The liquid in the neutral pen is different from both the ink and the oily liquid in the ball pen core, but it is an organic solvent, so it is called the neutral pen.

Neutral pen is a new writing tool which is popular in the world at present. Neutral pen is a kind of writing tool which belongs to ballpoint pen. The writing tool that rolls out the writing medium (ink or ink) with ball beads is collectively referred to as ball point pen. Its writing medium is oil-based called ballpoint pen; its writing medium is water-based called water-based ballpoint pen (water-based ink pen), also known as ballpoint pen, jewelry pen; the viscosity of its writing medium is between water-based and oil-based called neutral pen.

Therefore, ball pen and gel pen belong to the writing tools of ball pen. Neutral pen contains an organic solvent, which has a lower viscosity than oily pen ink and a thicker consistency than water-based pen ink. When writing, the ink passes through the tip of the pen, it will change from semi-solid to liquid ink. The greatest advantage of neutral pen ink is that every drop of ink is used on the tip of the pen, and it will not volatilize or leak, so it can provide silky slippery ink. The flow of ink is smooth and stable.





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