What Process Is Required To Customize A Notepad

- Mar 12, 2018-

How is a custom notebook a process? The so-called customization, but it is personalized, according to the requirements to make the desired product, let's talk about how to customize the notebook faster and save time.

The custom notebook flow 1: the cover is leather fabric, the inner core of the inner page is made by our factory's general version, so the customization is relatively simple. If you provide samples of the style, you can make some changes according to your requirements. Such as leather color, process modification, cover stamping logo, or you do not have your own style, you can also choose our favorite style on our Notepad website, and then we customize it according to the style.

Process 2: Custom notebook cover is leather fabric, printed on the inside pages of logo ads, or pages within the core with color, the customized solutions need to design a good color, there is a brief introduction to text has good CDR format or IA format to us, we can also design, but is so as not to delay the time, back and forth confirm, this is not recommended, we can cover logo, logo page layout.