What Can The Blue Ballpoint Pen Wash Out Thoroughly With?

- Mar 08, 2019-

The ball point pen is an oil pen. First, wipe it with solvent gasoline, then throw it into the washing machine, add strong decontamination and wash it efficiently. If it is a water-based pen, enter the washing machine directly. Perfume is not careful to draw ballpoint pen handwriting and wash with various detergent. But there is a secret weapon against it: perfume, the perfume is applied to the ball pen pen. After a moment, the ballpoint handwriting will disappear without trace. Toothpaste can remove the stain on the refrigerator surface. It also has the special ability to remove the ballpoint pen marks on clothes. As long as the clothes are immersed in cold water for a moment, then evenly spread a layer of toothpaste on the stained area, then wipe some soap, and then gently rub the part of the clothes, the stain will gradually disappear.

Boiled milk can also be used to remove stains, as long as a clean towel is placed under the clothes stained with ballpoint pens, then a clean cotton ball is dipped in a little boiled milk and repeatedly wiped where there is ballpoint pen stain, until the stain completely disappears.

White vinegar is also a good helper in removing ballpoint handwriting. It is advisable to apply detergent to the stained areas of clothes first, dip a soft brush in a little water-diluted white vinegar solution, brush the stained areas repeatedly, and then gently rub the clothes to remove these stains.





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