What Are The Ways To Remove Traces Of Ballpoint Pen?

- Nov 09, 2018-

1, alcohol removal ball point pen stain method

First wash with soap, then wipe with 95% alcohol, benzene or acetone to remove ballpoint pen stains on clothes.

2, milk removal ballpoint pen stain method

Put a towel under the clothes stained with ballpoint handwriting, dip a ball of cotton in boiled milk and wipe it repeatedly at the oil mark until the oil mark disappears.

3, gasoline removal ball point pen smear method

Wash with gasoline and then wash with detergent. No hot water bubbles are needed. Ball pen stains on clothes can be removed.

4, toothpaste removal method of ballpoint stain

First wet with cold water, smear some toothpaste at the smear, gently rub with a little soap. If there is any residue, wash it with alcohol.

5. Remove the stain from the ball pen with vinegar.

First use the shampoo to soak the stains, then dip the brush into some white vinegar and water diluted solution to remove it.





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