The Strokes Of The Neutral Pen Should Be More Delicate

- Mar 12, 2018-

The thickness of the neutral Bibi painting is the result of the contact area of the pen tip and the paper. Look at the picture first. The above is the form of the tip of the pen when the brush is written. The tip of the pen is deformed, and the paper is still flat. The following is the form of the tip of the pen when the neutral pen is written. The nib is a small ball, this can not be deformed. It can only be the deformation of paper. Through the graphic, we can see that through the control of strength, it can produce the thickness of the strokes. In this analysis, we can see the principle of the thickness of the neutral Bibi painting, which provides a feasible basis for the training behind us. In contrast, the strokes of the neutral pen should be more delicate. How to force posture, posture is the priority among priorities. It can be said, what kind of posture, creating what kind of font (here refers to pen). The pen holding posture, can use Baidu Search, have. Relax your hands.  Have a correct pen holding posture, only half right. Each finger should be relaxed. In the process of writing, the pen can be easily pulled out.

Do not hold the pen tightly in your hand and press the whole hand down. The words written in this way can be very heavy, but this is the force of the arm. If the arms are stiff, the word is hard to write.

The horizontal stroke is the horizontal movement of the whole hand. The longitudinal stroke is controlled by the finger, and the hand does not move. Write Na, is the superposition of horizontal and vertical. But it's good to be able to write easily and naturally. In a mysterious thing, is the pen on paper friction feeling. This is the most direct feedback, and it is not clear. Feel it with your heart.

How much force

Learn from the ancient posts. Xiao Bian first flew by Ling and Yi (Yue) on.

A few points on the attention of every post is how the pen, a pen is how to collect the pen. The turning point is how to deal with it. Experience the change of strength. The writing method of Ling Fei Jing can be analyzed by Baidu, which is worthy of reference.

On the same exercise leyi.

The script must learn

Xingkai inside, some very complicated structure, is a written.  This stroke is always light and heavy. So when is it light?  When does it weigh? This light comes mostly from the script.  In the script, so this is heavy in xingkai. So, the script's foundation is very important.

The proper acceleration, write regular script, of course, be slow. But when you are proficient, you need to speed up, the purpose is to find the continuity between the strokes.


Pay attention to the choice of the pen, 0.5 neutral pen is suitable. Don't always change the type of the pen. 0.5 of the pen, the morning light neutral pen, the feeling is different. Use one that you like, and use it all the time. When you feel found, change your pen at will.