The Origin Of The Ballpoint Pen

- Mar 26, 2020-

It is said that the first American to invent the ballpoint pen was John Lauder. He worked hard to draw marks on the leather surface, and finally designed and manufactured a pen with a ball end on the pen end in 1888 (the pen had no oil storage device at the time).

Later, a Hungarian journalist, Lez Bilo, learned from his predecessors and created a ballpoint pen. In 1916, the Frenchman Lisbod designed a ballpoint pen. 

Its structure is very close to the products of recent years. American adventurer Milton Reynold made a makeover of his developed pen in Chicago in 1944, mass-produced it, sold it for a huge profit, and dubbed the ball-point pen it produced as a "ball pen" to attract customers.

Ballpoint pen