The Origin And Function Of Tote Bags

- Mar 12, 2018-

Through the investigation of the market, before the paper hand bag market is not a high degree of concern, the first people think the handbag is a rather awkward to carry objects, when used as a handbag than leather noble manner; used as shopping bags, as plastic bags to facilitate, even Longchamp folding bag with some famous brand once in the blood China sold, it is only women in Paris "buy food package", it is difficult to climb in good taste. However, as the plastic restrictions and environmental concepts become increasingly popular, people begin to reexamine their advantages, and paper handbags have also begun to win more and more.

Now it can be said that the use of handbags between the industry, but the main performance is still in its convenience, practical, protection, publicity and other aspects. In order to pursue the rationality of the design function of the handbag, the designer not only needs to work on the design, but also guarantees the later printing process. Because the handbag is an important item to display the image and culture of the enterprise, the print of the handbag directly affects the people's cognition of the enterprise.

Shopping bag is the essential good quality products, like clothing, gifts, electronic products, products in the transaction, will give customers with a proper size, with its own brand LOGO logo handbags, both for the convenience of customers to carry, can also increase the grade of products to promote their brands, and some the business will make some with propaganda designed clothing bags were a large number of distribution, which promotes the brand promotion. Therefore, a certain method should be mastered in the handbag printing to ensure the final elegant and generous hand bag.