The Highlighter Clever Use

- Apr 22, 2018-

When playing a presentation document, if the user is accustomed to puncturing with the mouse, the WPS demo is for the user.

A highlighter aid is provided to help explain. Users can choose ballpoint pens, watercolor pens or highlighters, and define different ink colors and different drawing shapes to easily circle and mark the presentation document. The following will introduce to the user the use of highlighter.

Highlighter selection: In the process of playing the presentation document, right-click the pop-up menu in any place of the presentation document, select the “pointer type” menu item, and select “Highlighter” in the pointer type drop-down menu. Select the line type in the "Draw shape" menu and select the desired color in the "Ink color" menu.

Highlighter punctuation and annotation: According to their own needs, use highlighter to punctuate and mark anywhere in the presentation document.

Ink retention: If laps and annotations were made during document playback, the WPS demo will prompt to save the ink annotations when exiting the playback mode. Click the "Preserve" button to save the ink to the WPS demo file. Slideshow page. Click on the "Discard" button, ink will not be saved in the presentation






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