The Ball-point Pen You Usually Use Is Actually Not Simple

- Mar 14, 2020-

Basic principles of ballpoint pens

The writing principle of the ball-point pen is to use the ball to directly contact the paper surface during writing to generate friction, so that the ball rolls in the ball seat, and brings out the ink or ink in the pen core to achieve the purpose of writing. In other words, these common pens on the market, whether they are gel pens or signature pens, as long as there is a small ball on the pen tip, they are all ballpoint pens.

The story behind the ballpoint pen

In order to achieve smooth writing, the ink and nib need to match each other. The neutral ink commonly used by Orientals is the most suitable for stainless steel ball-point pen nibs, but for a long time, Chinese nib steel has to rely on imports from abroad.

There is a big difference between pen-point steel and ordinary steel. It requires extremely high processing accuracy. It requires extremely high performance for stainless steel raw materials. It must be easy to cut and it must not crack during processing. The small nib challenges Chinese developers.

Many special trace elements must be used to make the steel for writing. The steel must be adjusted to the best performance. Small changes in the proportion of the trace elements will affect the quality of the steel.

Without any information to draw on. After 5 years of exploration, the R & D personnel finally developed the Chinese pen tip steel. With a good nib steel, you can only say that you have made a good start, and there are many challenges in the future.

Every step of a pen from the pen head is tested again and again. A gap of one minute means that one pen will be eliminated. It can be said that each pen is more than fine. And not the best ink with the best nib can equal a best pen. Each kind of ink has different characteristics. The research and development personnel use high-tech methods to analyze the best state of ink writing and match the most suitable pen tip to achieve the best writing effect.

How to get consumers to use a ballpoint pen that is smoother and easier to write, Chinese developers have begun to move closer to more advanced technology and explore their own designs and creations.

The production time of a ballpoint pen head is less than one minute. However, from design to precision processing, from imported material processing to independent innovation, Chinese developers have been going for nearly half a century.

In the field of ballpoint pen manufacturing, China is transforming from a pen-making powerhouse to a pioneer in independent research and development. In the unremitting efforts of R & D personnel, a small ball-point pen is also writing its own wonderful chapter, and it has also been featured in national innovation projects.