Introduction Of Correct Cleaning Method For Non-woven Tote Bags

- Jul 28, 2019-

Many people believe that non-woven Tote Bags can not be cleaned. In fact, this idea is incorrect, because the characteristics of non-woven Tote Bags are reusable, and in order to give full play to its characteristics, many people use non-woven Tote Bags, the bag is dirty, but it has not been damaged, it is cleaned and dried and reused. In fact, only in this way, non-woven Tote Bag can be called a real environmental protection bag. Therefore, the transfer contract package will explain how to wash the non-woven Tote Bag correctly.

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1. Nonwoven Tote Bags are colorful, and many of them need to be cleaned and reused after they are dirty. In the process of cleaning, in order to prevent the fading of nonwoven Tote Bags, we should not use detergents containing bleaching or fluorescent agents when choosing detergents. It is believed that everyone knows that when washing clothes with fluorescent or white detergent or detergent, it can make the clothes fade. If this kind of detergent is used in non-woven Tote Bags, the same result will be achieved.

2. Non-woven Tote Bag will stick a lot of stains in the process of using. If it is not that kind of oil stain or stubborn stain, it is recommended not to use detergents to clean non-woven Tote Bags, so as to avoid shortening the service life of non-woven Tote Bags after cleaning.

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3. In the process of cleaning, please do not use hot water to clean. Because non-woven fabrics are all net-based products, curing agent will be added in production, and can not be hot-washed. Therefore, in the process of cleaning, try to use cold water cleaning, while not drying in the sun, it is recommended to dry in the shade.

4. If the non-woven Tote Bag is cleaned for the first time, in order to prevent its fading, salt and white vinegar can be added to the washed water, and then the bag is soaked in water for about 30 minutes before cleaning. Do not rub the bag during the cleaning process, so as to avoid excessive damage to the non-woven bag.