How To Wash The Ballpoint Pen Oil?

- Jun 23, 2019-

1. Alcohol + Soap Cleaning Solution

Alcohol plus soap cleaning solution is very effective for cleaning ballpoint pen oil, but there are several points for attention in this method. First, the concentration of alcohol should not be lower by 75 percent. Low concentration of household alcohol has no effect. Second, we should use it correctly. Cleaning ballpoint pen oil does not need to be soaked, soaking will add oil to the fire. First you need to unfold the clothes, then apply alcohol to the scratches, and finally soak the dirty clothes with soap cleaning solution, and then rub the clothes to remove the dirt.

2. Toothpaste cleaning

Cool toothpaste has many mysterious effects, such as relieving hot hands after cutting peppers and removing scratches from ballpoint pens. Before operating this method, you must first wet the stained area with cold water, then apply some toothpaste on the stained area, and finally rub the clothes a little hard. This method needs to pay attention to the problem of water temperature, cold water can be, small partners can not foolishly use boiled water yo! And this method is aimed at the newly generated ball pen scratches, for a long time oil stain has no effect.

3. Laundry liquid + white vinegar

First, soak the clothes in the laundry liquid for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, with the help of the brush as a medium, the part occupying the ballpoint pen oil is cleaned with a brush stained with white vinegar. Repeat operation until the oil stain gradually disappears.

4. Gasoline + Alcohol + Bleaching Powder

If the scratch time of the ball-point pen core is old and has a long history, the best way to do this is to use the combined effect of gasoline and alcohol. First, wipe the oil stain with gasoline, and then rub the stained clothes with 95% alcohol. If that doesn't clear the grease stains, use bleaching powder for a lethal blow. In this way, we can successfully wash away the traces.

5. Milk bath

Boiled milk is not allowed to drink, but boiled milk can be used to remove ballpoint pen wicks from clothes. First, the clothes are arranged neatly, and then the dirt is wiped indefinitely with a cotton swab contaminated with hot milk. The operation is repeated until the grease stain disappears. This method is also suitable for clothes contaminated with ballpoint pen oil for a short time, which is of little use for a long time.