How To Wash Ballpoint Pen Oil?

- Oct 22, 2019-

1. Wash with oil.

2. In the state of tightening, first remove the oil with an emulsifier, then use 84 disinfectant to remove the color. Because the latex product is spongy under the microscope.

3. Wash with alcohol.

4. Apply the perfume to the ballpoint penwriting. After a while, the ballpoint handwriting will disappear without a trace.

5. Milk boiled milk can also be used to remove stains, just put a clean towel under the stained clothes of the ballpoint pen, then use a clean cotton to put a little boiled milk, there is a ballpoint pen smudge Wipe it repeatedly until the stain disappears completely.

6. White vinegar white vinegar is also a good helper to remove the ballpoints. You may want to apply the laundry detergent to the stained area of the clothes. Use a soft brush to dipped a little white vinegar solution diluted with water. Repeat the light brush on the clothes with smudges. These stains can be removed.

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