How To Distinguish Between Gel Pens, Pens And Ballpoint Pens

- May 13, 2018-

There are many writing pens in the market. Nowadays, some school exams have certain requirements on which type of writing pens are used. Lepusheng Stationery recommends that students or parents properly understand the writing pen knowledge to clearly identify the desired products when selecting students' stationery. .

Ballpoint pen products have developed rapidly in recent years. It has been developed from a traditional oily ballpoint pen to a neutral ballpoint pen, a water-based ballpoint pen, a Chinese oil ballpoint pen, and an erasable ballpoint pen. According to the QB/T3651.2-1999 "Ballpoint pen name," the industry standard, any writing tool that uses a ball to scroll out of the writing medium to form a handwriting is collectively referred to as a ballpoint pen. Its writing medium is oily, which is the traditional oily ballpoint pen; writing medium is water-based, water-based ballpoint pen (water-based pen), and the writing medium's viscosity is between the oily and watery, which is called the neutral ballpoint pen (neutral pen); The viscosity of the writing medium is between the oiliness and the gel pen; it is called the oil ballpoint pen (oil pen); the erasable writing medium is called the erasable ballpoint pen; the gel pen, the water-based pen, the erasable ballpoint pen, and the medium oil pen are all A ballpoint pen product.

In fact, gel pens and pens are the same on many occasions. People generally use gel pens as signature pens. However, in fact, in the stricter sense, pen strokes refer to the pen pens, that is, roller pens. Foreign brands are all In this way, the ballpoint pen is obviously different because the ink is oily and the pen is water-based. In addition ballpoint pen writing slippery, so that it is easy to quickly write the pen, water children pen to write a certain friction, so that it is easy to better control the pen tip, help to write the words look good, like a pen, but the pen need to often ink, And the amount of ink written is sometimes not good enough, so the pen is born, and it can be said that it is an improvement of the pen.

For the college entrance examination, it is required that the signature pen, generally refers to the gel pen, the pen is best not to, because the word is thick and easy to write, ballpoint pen is not acceptable, in fact, the ballpoint pen is more high-end is possible, many international The company's signature document also uses a ballpoint pen. It is a document-specific one. Generally, it is forbidden for document, but it cannot be used in the domestic college entrance examination. The writing medium of the ballpoint pen is oily, so it is not easy to identify when marking. In general, the signature pen required by the college entrance examination is what we call the gel pen. Now the gel pen has developed into two kinds of ordinary gel pens and rubber erasable gel pens. Can be erased with an ordinary eraser






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