How To Choose A Notebook

- Mar 12, 2018-

Paper quality

There are two kinds of paper. A beige paper, a white paper pulp, the quality of two kinds of paper, in the same paper, which belongs to the superior quality, with Japan and South Korea imported paper, has made the sun 21, Jindong brands such as the best paper, ink, never happened a long time color change problem.

Thickness of paper

There are two kinds of thickness, 80 grams and 100 grams in common use. In fact, it does not represent the thickness of the paper, but represents the density of the paper. In order to know, it is convenient for you to recognize it. 80 grams of paper is a bit thinner than 100 grams of paper, probably the same thickness as our usual writing paper. Two kinds of paper can be used to make internal pages, the difference is that, 80 grams of paper, because a little thin, the brush will be softer, writing feel more comfortable. 100 grams of paper, some relatively stiff, writing no 80 grams, but it seems that it is high-end, each have advantages.

The color of paper

Yellow green color is very soft, love to write, is the first choice in the page. White paper, white in strong light on the eye has a stimulating effect, long time looking at the white paper will make the eyes tired, easy to tear the tears;

Fluency of paper

The smooth writing of paper is very important, which is very important with the process of making paper. The good surface of the paper must be smooth and smooth, and the writing is smooth. Not high quality paper, writing with a sense of astringent, and the paper is a lot of miscellaneous points.