How To Choose A Ballpoint Pen?

- Jun 09, 2019-

A ballpoint pen (or a ballpoint pen), which uses a dry thick ink and relies on a freely rotating steel ball on the tip of the pen to carry out a writing instrument that is transferred to the paper. It has no leakage, is not affected by the weather, and has a long writing time. It does not need to be filled with ink frequently, and the price is relatively low. It is a writing tool that has been popular in the world for decades. Therefore, people from all walks of life, from school students to office staff, are happy to use.

Ballpoint Pen with Contoured Rubber Grip

How to choose a ballpoint pen?

1.Pay attention to brand benefits. Big brand, trustworthy. Quality, appearance, price/performance, and comfort all have advantages.

2.The appearance of the ballpoint pen is uniform and full, so that the overall consistency. Especially the refilled beads, the overall thickness of the pen. Both require considerable consideration and choice.

3.The thickness of the refill determines the size of the writing. Generally, the diameter of the refill pen is 1.0, and the thinner is 0.5, 0.3. The appearance of the pen holder is marked.

4.Most of the outer grip parts are covered with a rubber pad, which can effectively prevent the finger skin from directly contacting the hard object and long, and can also ensure that the handwriting is not tired.

5.Use the finished bead note to please the pen holder or put it inside the pen holder. Do not store in an overheated, oversized sun. So as not to cause internal pen and ink to overflow.

6.When writing is not comfortable, you can put it on the lighter slightly and slightly a few times, so that the scale of the mouth and the internal ink will be normal soon, and you can write fluent words.