How Many Years Will The Ballpoint Pen Fade?

- Jan 23, 2019-

The decline or shallowness of handwriting depends on the quality of ballpoint pen oil and paper.

Generally speaking, the ballpoint pen's handwriting will be scattered when it is kept for a long time, because the oil in the pen oil will disperse and the handwriting will be blurred when it meets the paper of poor quality. If the ink quality of the ballpoint pen is first-class (the ink formula is reasonable), it will be written on the paper of good quality (the paper's requirement is low permeability), then in the appropriate environment (air drying, ballpoint pen). Ink is most afraid of hot and humid environment. It can be preserved for a long time.

The advantage of foreign good brand ballpoint pens is that the oil is uniform, and there will be no "oil accumulation" situation. In addition, the ink in the formula has the characteristics of heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, so it is easier to preserve for a longer time.

If it's something written by a common ballpoint pen, it's better to keep the environment as dry as possible.






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