How Did The Small Balls On The Tip Of A Ballpoint Pen Be Made?

- Mar 08, 2019-

Ball pen is a writing tool that uses the rotation of steel balls to write ink on paper. After World War II, ballpoint pens were introduced into China. Smart businessmen advertise "atomic pens" to open up their markets with the aftermath of the atomic bomb that exploded in Japan not long ago. In fact, "ballpoint pen" has nothing to do with atoms, just pronunciation is similar.

According to the available information, the name of ballpoint pen first appeared in 1888. At that time, an American named John Lauder designed a pen with balls as the tip of the pen, but he failed to make it into a commodity for people to use.

In 1895, commercial non-writing ballpoint pens were also sold on the British market, but they were not popular because of their narrow use. In 1916, a new type of ballpoint pen was designed and manufactured in Germany. Its structure is similar to today's ballpoint pen, but its performance is poor, which has not attracted wide attention.

In 1936, Biro in Hungary took on the task of proofreading in the press press. When he used pens to correct samples, he often had the phenomenon of wetting and blurring. For this reason, Biro began to wonder whether he could try to produce another writing tool to replace pens. After a period of experimentation, he filled a steel pipe with quick-drying ink and placed a steel ball at one end as the tip of the pen. Then, he carried out writing experiments on various materials that could be written, and found that they could leave indelible marks, and the ink in the pen tube was not easy to spill out. The experiment was successful. In 1940, he improved his invention, applied for a patent on July 10, 1943, and began to enter the market in 1945.

Ball pen is different from fountain pen, because it uses dry and thick ink, and ink is transferred to paper by means of steel balls which rotate freely on the pen head, so it does not leak, is not affected by climate, and has a long writing time, thus eliminating the trouble of infusing ink frequently. It soon became popular in the world. At present, Japan alone consumes 400 million ballpoint pens a year.






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