Highlighter Principle

- Apr 22, 2018-

The principle of its key UV fluorescent inks is the addition of visible fluorescent (UV) complexes with UV excitation to the ink. By absorbing the light energy, an energy level transition of the atom is generated, and the absorbed extra energy is released. The anti-counterfeiting feature emits red, yellow, green, and blue (400 nm to 800 nm) visible light under irradiation of ultraviolet light (200 nm to 400 nm). This ink has color and colorless points, there are two kinds of long-wave (365nm) and short-wave (254nm). Fluorescent pigments are organic complexes, grinding refinement, high luminous rate, usually colorless or light white, in ultraviolet light (200nm~

Under 400 nm irradiation, various colors of visible light (400 nm to 800 nm) appeared. According to the different wavelength of excitation light source, it can be divided into short-wave ultraviolet excitation fluorescent pigment (excitation wavelength of 254nm) and long-wave ultraviolet excitation pigment (excitation wavelength of 365nm).

The highlighter has a fluorescent agent. When it encounters ultraviolet rays (sunlight, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, etc.), it produces a fluorescent effect and emits white light, which makes the color look dazzling and fluorescent.

Today, there are also colorless highlighters that can be hidden. After writing, there is no color. After writing with a purple lamp behind the pen, the contents of the writing can be displayed.





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