Healthy Use Of Student Stationery Tips

- Mar 12, 2018-

With the improvement of the level of stationery consumption, more and more parents are aware of the importance of health stationery. In the beautiful stationery market, to select the healthy and safe stationery, consumers should first recognize the brand and recognize the quality assurance products. But this is not enough to reduce the harm that the stationery brings to the children. In order to minimize the damage caused by stationery, we should also master a certain number of use skills. Below, Le Pusheng to share with you some stationery stationery use health tips:

Correction fluid rapid removal of essential balm inunction

In the process of using the correction fluid, it is inevitable that some liquid will be contaminated on the skin, and then you will find that the half - time correction fluid is difficult to be washed clean by water. What do you do at this time? A bottle of essential oil can help, just smear a little oil in hand with correction fluid, can be quickly washed away.

This is how it happened, it is dissolved in the solvent oil correction fluid. The correction fluid mainly by titanium dioxide, adhesive and solvent (ethyl acetate); the main component is the essential balm drugs, spices and solvent (paraffin oil).  Correction fluid and solvent method plays the role of dissolved substances.

Hand washing can prevent lead poisoning

It is not difficult to find that many pencils and rubber colors are very colorful on the market now. Some stationery are printed with cartoon characters, some stationery is made into candy, and most of these stationery products can't find manufacturer's data. Le Pusheng stationery, stationery stationery to buy to buy light. Because most of the brightly coloured products contain too much lead. Due to the fact that the body is not completely French, the absorption of lead is more than that of the adults due to the fact that children are less metabolizing than French. Therefore, children aged six years old are more likely to have lead poisoning. In order to prevent lead poisoning, the best way is to choose stationery produced by regular manufacturers when purchasing stationery, check the signs of lead content on stationery, and try to choose light stationery.

In addition, after the use of stationery in time to absorb, by washing your hands can wash out 90%-95% lead dust, can effectively prevent lead poisoning. Try not to touch your nose with your hand in the use of stationery. Once the child's behavior, mood and other aspects of adverse changes, should be timely medical treatment, if lead poisoning seriously need to lead the lead under the guidance of the doctor.

The eye nurse may not protect the eye and may aggravate the visual fatigue

With attention to the health of students, some stationery also added health care, the most common of which claims to have eye protection for the protection of vision. In a stationery store, not only the diversiform eye price range, the quality is not the same, some supporting the eye paper color is yellow, some supporting paper color is light green in the eye.  However, doctors have pointed out that these so-called eyes not only do not protect vision, but also increase visual fatigue and increase the possibility of suffering from myopia.

When reading or writing, if you look at the content of color contrast is bigger, looks more effortless, visual fatigue degree is correspondingly lower, the maximum number of color contrast to "put it down in black and white". Correspondingly, if the color of the book is light yellow and light green, the contrast of paper and word will be reduced. It will seem more laborious, but it will cause vision fatigue. If students with blindness or blindness, commonly used with the color of the book writing, may also increase the severity of dyschromatopsia.