Everyone Has Used A Ballpoint Pen But Do You Know How To Do It

- Mar 14, 2020-

Before the ball-point pen was used, a pen was used. Here is a bottle of ink, and a pen in hand. Write two words and pause. This is inconvenient. New inventions are needed.

A Hungarian journalist named Biro was worried about this pen every day because of his old writing. Sometimes it was n’t a good idea. It was a bunch of ink. chant. At the beginning, it was full of problems. The ink was leaking, the ink was not dry, it was blocked, it didn't matter if it didn't work well, the key was that he did it. It became the father of the ballpoint pen.

Ballpoint pen

Let's all fight for the father of more inventions. He did it. In the end, the Americans improved after using it, Germany improved, and then they went to Japan. However, there is still another problem that is not solved, that is, the ball-point pen writes more. When the 20,000 words are written, the gap between the steel balls is wide. We also encountered it when we were reading. Too much, maybe the nib is damaged. In order to solve the problem of oil leakage, experts did not use their brains, some researched the improvement of the ink formula; some researched the hardness of steel balls and steel round pipes, some researched the material of the round pipes, and finally they were useless. 20,000 words, but also ink. At that time, there was a ball pen in Japan that could not be sold. You must know that at that time, ball pens were much more expensive than pens. It's sad to him.

In the end, he was quite enough. He didn't think about how to solve the problem of how to write a ballpoint pen without leaking 20,000 words. What he thought was to break the pen tube and leave half, only 10,000 words. After finishing writing, there is no oil leakage. For me, he also applied for a patent for his idea, which was specifically protected. Great, you see, it seems to be cutting corners, but it is actually an innovation. Everyone uses it, yes, no more leaks. My go, he just relied on this trick and issued Great fortune.