Daily Pen Maintenance

- Mar 12, 2018-

1. often use a pen. Do not look down on this, a lot of buy a pen after three minutes of heat, then put on the shelf. This is wrong, and the habit of using pen every day can make the pen out of ink and avoid blocking!

2. clean the pen once every half a year. There are people who use pen habits every day, half a year to clean enough.  Some people clean every month, it's not necessary, and the possibility of damaging the pen!

3. avoid writing directly in hardware. The pen is easy to wear, so on paper the underlying soft object in writing before (such as writing the book, printed paper holder, etc.) to avoid direct contact with hard wear pen nib!

4. use the pen cover to hold the pen and tail in use. It may be easy to laugh and ignore, but it can reduce the point of the pen when the pen falls to the ground!

5. keep the hand clean before the pen. Some pen to hold a pen is made of metal materials in the course of time, the hands of the oil will be eroded, if it is easy to cause the pen grip Loumo direct contact with too much oil hand these metal parts!

Clean the pen for 6. long. Remember to wash and clear the residual ink before you use it for a long time. Otherwise, the ink will dry up and precipitate, and it will remain in the pen for a long time.

The above six points seemingly insignificant, in fact, the maintenance of the daily pen has a vital role. I hope those who love writing can benefit from them, choose a pen, treat it well, love it, and use it to make a good word.