Ballpoint Pen Using Common Sense

- Apr 01, 2018-

1. The pen is more durable than ordinary pens, but if you use it improperly, you can't write words.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens (5 photos)

 This is mainly due to the fact that the dry ink sticks around the steel balls and hinders the ink from flowing out. Ink is a viscous oil that is made from flaxseed oil, synthetic pine nut oil (mainly containing terpene alcohols), mineral oil (oil obtained by fractionation of petroleum and other minerals), and hard rubber added to soot. .

2. When using a ballpoint pen, do not write on paper with oil or wax. Otherwise, oil and wax embedded in the copper bowl along the side of the ball will affect the ink and cannot write characters. It is also necessary to avoid the pen's impact and exposure. Gloves are good with the cap to prevent damage to the tip, pen changes, and oil spills from the body. In case of cold weather or long home unused. When the pen is not in the oil, the pen can be put into warm water and soaked for a moment.

3, ballpoint pen has a big drawback: the handwriting it writes is very clear at first; but it can not stand the test of time, time will slowly blur the handwriting. This is because the ink of the ballpoint pen is made of dye and castor oil. Oil is not the same as water. It is not easy to dry. As time passes, the oil will slowly dip on the paper and the writing will become blurred. Therefore, the ballpoint pen can only be used as an ordinary writing pen. If you want to save your handwriting for a long time, you need to use a pen. [4]

4, ballpoint pen landing, such as the pen tip 90 degrees touched, then the ballpoint pen tip will not be damaged, but if you close at the mouth of a bruise, this will have a "oil" phenomenon in this gap, in serious cases, the ball will fall off, there Difficulties such as writing.






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