Ballpoint Pen Structure Principle

- Apr 01, 2018-

The writing principle of ballpoint pens is mainly the use of balls and paper when writing.

Ballpoint pen album

Ballpoint pen album (8 photos)

 The direct contact with the surface generates friction, which causes the ball to roll in the ball seat and brings out the ink or ink in the ink cartridge to achieve the purpose of writing.

A ballpoint pen is a type of pen that is written using inks with different pigments. The tip of the pen is a small steel ball. The small steel ball is embedded in a small cylindrical copper bowl. Afterwards, the plastic tube containing the ink is connected. The ink flows around with the ball and flows down.

The pigment of a ballpoint pen ink is a dye. The ink color is mainly blue, red and black, among which the blue ink is the most used. In the past, the pigment components in the blue ink were salt base blue and salt base Qinglian, and the solvents were castor oil, castor oil. Because salt-based dyes are not light-resistant (lightfastness is only grade 1 -2), are not heat-resistant, are not resistant to acids and alkalis, so the durability is poor and has now been eliminated. market



The "424" blue ballpoint pen and the "322" black ballpoint pen sold on the market have better durability.

There are numerous reports of toxic ballpoint pen poisons. The volatile organic compounds contained in the low-grade fragrance stationery are toxic and cause some damage to the human body. However, there have been no cases of poisoning caused by the normal use of an oil-based ballpoint pen without the addition of volatile organic compounds.






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