Ballpoint Pen Classification

- Apr 01, 2018-

There are many kinds of ballpoint pens and different styles. In terms of quality, there are different grades of high, medium and low, but in terms of categories, they can be basically divided into oily ballpoint pens and waterborne ballpoint pens.

Water-based ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen

Also known as the pen or ballpoint pen. The pen holder and pen holder of the pen will be called plastic plastic pens for plastic injection molding; the pen holder will be called stainless steel penholders made of stainless steel and the pen holder and pen holder will be made of stainless steel. All-plastic types are basically disposables, that is, they are scrapped when the ink is used up. The semi-steel type and all-steel type can be replaced with refillable cartridges. The head of the pen pen is divided into two types: artillery shell and needle tube. They are made of copper alloy, stainless steel or engineering plastic. Ball beads are mostly made of stainless steel, hard alloy or alumina. The diameter of the ball in the middle of the handwriting is 0.7 mm, and the diameter of the ball in the fine handwriting is 0.5 mm. The water storage form is divided into two types: fiber bundle storage and fiberless bundle storage. The color of ink is red, blue, black, green and so on. The Orb pen combines the characteristics of a pen and oily ballpoint pen. It is an ideal writing instrument because it is smooth and smooth with writing lines.

In addition to the above categories, it is common to classify them by the color of the ink and the structure of the pen.

Oily ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen

The pen balls used are mostly made of stainless steel or hard alloy materials. The size of the ball diameter determines the thickness of the lines. Common ball diameters are 1 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.5 mm in diameter (the pen body or ballpoint pen tends to indicate this). Ballpoint pen inks are specially made, mainly made of pigments, solvents and tackifiers. Common colors are blue, black, and red. Ordinary ink is used for general writing, and special ink is used for writing. The ink used for writing a file is generally marked with a mark on the refill. For example, the domestic refill is marked with the word DA.

The oily ballpoint pen is the first generation of ballpoint pen products. It has been sold to the market for more than 60 years. After long-term improvement, the production process of oily ballpoint pen is mature, the product performance is stable, the storage period is long, and the writing performance is stable. Now it has become a traditional product type in ballpoint pen products. The viscosity of ink used in oily ballpoint pens is high, so the writing feel is relatively heavy. .

By color

(1) Monochrome Ballpoint Pen: This is the most common ball point pen, often blue, black, red, etc.

(2) Two-color ballpoint pens: generally red and blue.

(3) Tricolor ballpoint pens: Red, blue, and black.

(4) Four-color ballpoint pens: red, blue, black, and green. In addition to these four, there are six-color, eight-color, and even twelve ballpoint pens.

By structure

(1) Disposable ballpoint pens. Penholders are refills. They can neither be inked nor refilled. When the ink is used up, they can only be discarded.

(2) Ballpoint pens that can be refilled with buttons, springs, locks, and recovery.

(3) The barrel can be rotated to extend or retract the refill.

(4) Ballpoint pens and pens, combinations of ballpoint pens and pencils, combinations of ballpoint pens and pencils, and new types of ballpoint pens such as ballpoint pens and tiny bulbs.






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