Attention To The Use Of Ballpen

- Mar 12, 2018-

(1) lubricants and corrosion inhibitors

The ink components usually with fatty acids as lubricants, lubricants Tonglu ball pen factory is also a cosolvent, lubricant include: A, the ball to provide lubrication, fluent writing; B, to prevent the ink drying, the pen is stable, good code good advertising pen pen at the beginning of C, increase the dye dissolution properties; to improve the depth of dye color. The introduction of fatty acid ball point pen acid is corrosive to some pen tip metals (such as copper alloy), resulting in the production of a heterogeneous crystalline substance in the printing ink and plugging the channel, thus shortening the service life of the ball point pen. The use of fatty acids and supplemented by corrosion inhibitors can solve the corrosion problem and meet the requirements of lubrication. The corrosion inhibitor used in the experiment dissolved in the fatty acid in the saturated state, and can achieve the purpose of anticorrosion.

(2) antioxidants and anti desiccant

Another reason for the blockage and condensed kingrand is brass and interface oxidation produced in inks, and produce copper and zinc compounds induced in solution. Antioxidants contain substances that absorb and absorb the surrounding oxygen. Therefore, they can effectively prevent oxidation, antioxidants and inhibitors, and can effectively prevent or inhibit the corrosion of copper alloys. Experiments show that the antioxidants we use are effective. In the experiment we also adopted the anti desiccant, the main role is to prevent the oxidation of the ink surface or ink drying, ink and ink has a better visual effect, and prolong the service period and the retention period in the application can also improve the performance of anti pen, but also is an antioxidant agent.