What are the common features of a conventional tote bags

- Mar 12, 2018-

As a business card, handbag is also an important means of publicity, especially in some important occasions, hand bag plays an important role. I don't say much about the importance of it. Now, I know what is the main aspect of it.

The most memorable thing is always the most characteristic, for example, the exquisite handbag package will make people bright and unforgettable. If your company's handbag is very beautiful in design, the frequency of customer use will also increase. In fact, you can freely propagate the brand without saying anything, which is also consolidating the status of peers.

Second is the problem of printing material, the problem of material can not be underestimated. Different material printing methods and effects are different.

At the end of the process, the complex is a paper handbag, and the printing of a paper handbag usually uses more offset printing. Remember to pay attention to the problem of the glue line, otherwise it will directly affect the grade problem. The general process of making handbags must be processed by printing, perforating, wearing and other auxiliary processes, so that the final molding can be made. The requirements of the process are still relatively strict.