The use and maintenance of the pen

- Mar 12, 2018-

It is also very important to maintain a good pen after a good pen. The opening of the new pen, the first to be opened. Will buy back the pen with warm water to open, and the soaking time can not be too long, can not fully open to the pen, the pen can be rubber matter advertising ball pens are open, otherwise it will fall into the brush, hair easy to fall off. Zi Hao hard, be immersed in water for some time.

Runbi office is necessary before the pen, can not take a pen with ink to write. The first method is to rinse the brush hair wet, immediately filed, nor a long immersion, so as to avoid colloidization open document root. After the pen upside down until the stroke recovery toughness, probably 10 minutes. The pen must be kept dry, if not by runbi that book, the hair will become frustrated by heavy, brittle and easily broken, poor elasticity.

Then you can start to write, and this ink is also a lot of learning. For the sake of uniformity, and so the ink can penetrate into the brush hair, should be clear before dry, absorbent paper made in the light can drag, until dry up. The so-called dry, not finished ballpoint pen manufacturer all dry, as long as the water to allow ink. The ink pen three, not to have deep dip weak, less ink is too dry, can not operate freely, then Moduo waist up to all the poor.

After writing, you need to wash the pen immediately. Ink has a colloid. If it is not washed away, the pen will be firmly bonded with the ink and glue after the dry brush. It is not easy to use when it is used, and it is very easy to damage the pen.

After cleaning, the first pen without residual water to dry and straighten out before, with the ink. The pen hanging on the rack, can I continue to drip water to dry. Pay attention to the shade in the shade, to preserve the original and characteristic of the pen, and not to be exposed to the sun. The essentials of the pen are dry.