The advantages of the neutral pen

- Mar 12, 2018-

Neutral pen for each of us is not strange, because it is accompanied with us through our student days, when we were students, will use the neutral pen every day, because it is particularly good for neutral pen, writing for a long time will not feel tired hands, because it is the pen and nib for material it is very comfortable, do not feel stiff.

The neutral pen, which originated in Japan, is a new type of writing tool in the world. The advantages of neutral pen and ball pen are comfortable, ink viscosity is low, and lubricating material is increased. Therefore, it is more smooth than ordinary ball point pen. It is an upgraded oil ballpoint pen.

Neutral pen is an aqueous medium called water ball pen (water based ink). It is also called neutral pen, ball pen, pen and oil ball pen. It is easy to write, touch smooth, pen cap is made of plastic injection, stamping stainless steel, and made of three kinds of stainless steel.

The pen is divided into the shell type, the needle tube type and the half needle tube three kinds. Copper alloy, stainless steel and engineering plastics are used respectively.