Six features of Keychains

- Mar 12, 2018-

1.: Although the decoration can be hung on a key buckle, bag, bag buckle as used for the fashion girl choice; get rid of small buttons, can be Home Furnishing decoration, full of strange; but when the children's toys, but only for children over the age of three, in order to avoid eating.

2. material characteristics: mainly made of alloy, when water is not rusty, do not worry about aging problems, easy to maintain.

3. volume: light weight, easy to carry, and avant-garde fashion, exquisite, cute.

4. price advantages: good and cheap, the overall embodiment of four excellent, excellent function, excellent material, excellent performance, high price, easier to allow consumers to accept.

5. lovers' gift: the key chain is a daily practical small decoration, which is also convenient for people to get the keys, and let the young people express the fashion experience, reflecting the new carrier of personal taste. Make the unique key button for the loved one, let the nearby he accompany you at any time, let your sweet and always follow!

6. promotional gifts: gift as a link to human emotion, bring the recipient more spiritual satisfaction. Based on this, the recipient received gifts of the psychological expectations of the individual, often with their direct money to consumer goods is expected to be much more personalized. But only as much as possible to meet the recipients in personal expectations, this gift can really shoulder the emotion conveyed a gift giver, and then realize the gift itself in the recipient's value.

Now many school graduation nostalgia, the company's anniversary celebration, the company gift and so on all want to order the key button, but do not know how to order. It's very simple. As long as you provide a sketch of your key button, the key button manufacturer will help you design and order the key button that you want. It is advisable to choose metal key buckle, because the metal key button is relatively cheap and is suitable for less quantity. In this metal key, the best process is to imitate the enamel process. If you like the effect of bump, you can choose the baking process. If it's a key chain for tourist souvenirs, you can choose the key buckle of printing process, because printing technology can print beautiful tourist attractions on the surface of key chain pendants, just like taking pictures, and can completely reproduce tourist attractions as a souvenir.