Making process of notebook

- Mar 12, 2018-

Making material

The first is the material of the coat. There are usually: leather, synthetic leather, super fiber, PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather (polyurethane), cloth and so on. Application of paper

Woodfree paper:

Also make "Tao order paper". A kind of paper made from wood, according to the paper of glossy hair is divided into two kinds of paper and light paper. The first is the United States Dowling (Dowling) manufacturing company.

Double adhesive paper refers to the printing paper, also called the offset paper. Culture, printing paper paper one of the typical representative, in the business of two-sided offset paper (two-sided offset paper) commodity name, the old road / Taiwan area with a ream of paper, also called

The advantages are: double adhesive paper refers to the paper that is applied to the two sides of the paper to improve its surface physical property in the process of papermaking. It has small elasticity, good absorbency and good smoothness, compact and opaque texture, and strong water resistance.

The general double offset paper is between 60 grams and 120 grams, and also has 150 grams, 180 grams, 300 grams of high weight double gummed paper, of which 70, 120 grams of double adhesive tape is the most widely used.

Manufacturing process

1. Grinding tools. Knife plate, according to the opening of the Notepad, such as 16K, 32K, shaped size and other making knife plate, for a variety of fabrics (real leather, PU) rough cutting. Two. Cover stamping die made of gold. It is pressed by a die press to all kinds of fabrics that are well cut.

Three. The printing of the inside page, the illustration, the advertisement illustration. Four. A notebook coat is made through manual press, sewn and sticker, and the inner core and accessories can be used by a notepad through the above process.