Four major standards for environmental grocery tote

- Mar 12, 2018-

Environmental shopping bags should have four major standards, "beauty", "feelings", "wisdom" and "creative". With these four standards of environmental shopping bags, in my concept, can be called a qualified environmental shopping bag. Shenzhen City Xiong weft textile, to explain the four standards in detail for you.

Make a green shopping bag with a "beauty"

Taking a beverage store as an example, a well-known handshake beverage store in Taiwan, in order to support the environmental protection business, set up a 1 yuan packing fee for each plastic bag, and then launched various environmental bags with various images. The effect of this approach is significant, and the consumption of plastic products has fallen sharply. This also proves that in many cases, plastic bags are not necessary, as long as the correct guide to consumers can reduce the consumption of a part of the plastic bag. But want people to "love" on the bags, innovative environmental bag design is a coup. So, here, the beauty of environmental shopping bags is particularly important.

Make an environmentally-friendly shopping bag

In shopping malls or supermarkets, high - value environmental shopping bags will attract people's attention and increase the interest of people. So, what about an environmentally-friendly shopping bag? "Grabbing from the doll", the method that applies in any field is also constantly adding points for environmental protection. To strengthen environmental publicity and education from childhood, the child's heart buried "green shopping bag" green seeds. Not only that, see the children's own hand painted "home", "future", "grass and wood" environmental shopping bags, can refuse such "feelings"?

Make a "smart" shopping bag

In order to promote the classification of garbage, many communities have attached a two-dimensional code to the garbage bag, and even a large number of data are attached to them. Environmental plastic bags are also drawing on this way, is it unbelievable? Consumers in the use of reusable shopping bags may not add all chips, but the green logistics for the courier industry started to test the "wisdom" of environmentally friendly shopping bags. This kind of product replaced the fragile disposable plastic bag, high strength and wear-resistant, traceable, reusable, and no longer use tape seal.

Make a "creative" green shopping bag

The "environment-friendly" properties of plastic bags can be achieved not only by reuse and alternative use, but also from "biodegradable". This is a way to change the structure of plastic bags and make them achieve the purpose of natural degradation under certain conditions. The most common way is biodegradation. At present, there are straw bags for environmental protection, which have achieved green benefits. There is a 15 year old girl in Sydney, invented a new technology to produce environmentally-friendly plastic bags with shrimp shell and crab, won the attention of the industry.

Because of convenient access, easy to use, and low production cost, plastic bags are almost everywhere. However, the lack of recycling mechanism in China makes plastic bags the source of "white pollution", and its environmental "cost" is quite high. In daily life, "using environmental protection bag instead of hard degradable plastic bag" is a proposition worth paying attention to in the whole society. In order to better solve this social problem, non-woven fabric bags have become the object of research by many environmentalists. And at present, the most widely circulated environmental bag in the market is also a non-woven environmental bag.