Classification of neutral pens

- Mar 12, 2018-

Type of pen

1. Bullet head

Looking carefully at the pen head of this neutral pen, we will find that they are like a bullet. In the manufacturing process, we cut a raw rod into a complete pen by metal cutting. The bullet head is suitable for making a thicker pen, with more 0.5MM on the market, and the coarsest can reach 1.2.

2, needle tube type

Usually, we call this type of pen a "whole needle tube". The key difference between it and the head type of a bullet is that it is made from a non cutting process. Before processing it, it is a complete thin tube. Through precise instruments, 3 concave points are formed from 3 directions at the front end of the thin tube, forming the bowl holder of the ball beads, while the latter is triangular oil groove. The ink is out through the oil tank and the ball is rolled out through the ball of the ball to finish the writing process. The needle tube type is suitable for making fine brush, such as 0.30, 0.25 and so on.

3, half needle tube

The semi needle tube is between the bullet and the needle tube, and the shape is more beautiful. The tip of the pen can be as thin as a needle tube, and the end of the pen is as big as the tail end of the bullet. The semi - needle type can make relatively fine brush, such as 0.48, 0.35, etc.

Ink color

1, basic color neutral pen

The most often used ink colors are 3 kinds of red, blue and black.

2, special color neutral pen

In fact, our daily use of water powder pen, color ink oil belong to the category of neutral pen. These neutral pens are suitable for painting, card, decoration and so on, making our writing more creative and more exciting. The first color ink neutral pens appeared on the market were from South Korea's DONG-A, and then morning light and other signs rose.

Place of use

1, file special neutral pen

The ink pigment, water, light, do not fade. For example, signed books, important documents, will require clear handwriting, not easy to fade. Now, many companies have introduced "special pen for examination". In fact, it also belongs to the category of "neutral pen for document", and pigment type ink must be used. However, because of the higher cost of pigment printing ink, most manufacturers will be replaced by the dye type. Therefore, when buying this kind of special neutral pen, we must choose the product of big brand and pay attention to the professional logo of "pigment ink" on its product.

2, ordinary writing neutral pen

The ink used is dyestuff, water - resistant and easy to fade.


1. The plug type neutral pen

The pen with a pen. The cap can transform a variety of shapes, let the whole pencil look more beautiful; more importantly, it can play a role in head protection.

2. According to the earnest neutral pen

Pressing type neutral pen and plug cover type neutral different pressing type neutral pen pen tail by coherent parts, pressed parts down, buckle on the pen body convex makes pen tip has a prominent spring assisted projectile, in the process of using more convenient and fast, can effectively prevent the pen to poke to.